you’re important to me you piece of shit

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so heterosexual

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        karasuya said: your breezeblocks hannigram fanart is so fucking perfect it blows my mind! it deserves an infinite amount of notes!

All the fanart is not ours, we had little mistakes were we did not know to source the art. I can’t take credit and I never meant to have this issue, I now understand to source art.

I am pretty sure the artist can appreciate your compliment but I can’t, ain’t my work of art.

Have a good day, sorry for the mistakes dear.

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        sherloaf-and-wheatson221b said: Is that gif set about Will's butt (with all the interviews) - are they real interviews or is it a joke thing? :) It's great either way, just thought I'd ask

They are separate interviews with the cast just put together dear.

They aren’t jokes and real interviews, thank you for asking and have a beautiful day dear :)

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When I first saw Hannibal in that sweater I fricked the fuck out.

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Hannibal - 2x04 vs. 2x05

I’d rather focus on the positive stuff. [X]



        destielsminions said: Hey there. Did you know? It's common courtesy to NOT repost other peoples things. My friend, for being so "new" to Tumblr, you've broken your fair share of rules. Please allow me to educate you. As a owner of three blogs with together 7k followers, I can tell you this: NEVER REPOST ANYONES THINGS. It doesn't matter whether there is watermark. Don't do it. People have been polite, but someone needs to make a stand. I hate being confrontational, but you're being rude. And honey, we eat the rude.

Hey there. Did you know? I’m not very educated of that, and did not know.
I don’t really know of common courtesy, maybe you should educate me more. By the by, glad you are a cannibal too, have fun eating the rude. Filling your tummy must be so delightful, and I am filling my mind with something. Something of that being that I am sorry and do not care if you have 7k followers or millions matter fact.

Thanks for telling me once more, I’ll try to not repost anything and if I do by mistake or accident, simply tell me and I shall take it down.

Simple as that, I again shall say I am human, and I am sorry at that too.

Sorry being burden with my mind and or doing what I did, because we are all not beings of perfection. We are ridden with mistakes and we can learn from those mistakes.

I will learn from my mistakes but not in this way, don’t call me your honey and again have fun eating the rude.

Ta ta, destielsminions or whatever your name may be.

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        destielsminions said: Oh by the way, that wasn't hate. That was standing up for everyone whose posts you've reposted. My stuff is reposted all the time, and most people are so sweet about it. What is angering is the fact that you have to be so rude about a mistake YOU made (yes, I'm referring to you making caustic remarks at my good friend queenhetienne's url). You obviously know how to use the reblog button, which was actually a surprise considering the amount of reposts. So here's a suggestion to actually use it.

What was hate?

I’m not being rude, I’m just not educated enough on “tumblr”.

So I’m sorry, again not being rude.

I’ve taken down the pictures I reposted as was asked of me, nothing rude in that. I am still learning how to use tumblr, and how watermarks work or not work. I didn’t make, what you call caustic remarks, or whatever you mean by that to queenhetienne, the highness of gif making.

Pretty sure everybody knows how to use a reblog button.

I do know, and I know certain things but not all things.

I am really only human, I have made mistakes and I really do not intend to be rude. I only intend to entertain fellow citizens of this website.

In all good cause, if I had made a gif I worked hard on, I would let anyone and everyone use it simply because I do not care.

What is the worst someone can do to that picture or “piece of work”?

Once again, sorry. Sorry to everyone who’s soul is probably damaged, is tumblr all you dears know?

Having these quarrels for what sort of reason, thank you for standing up for your highness, queen hetienne.

I appreciate you standing up for you friend, but in all honestly, should I care if it does not harm me or tear me a bit apart.

Bless you and have the best of days, dear fellow human.

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murder family

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